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We are an eCommerce, we trend topsite Development Company. BrightAds agency provides custom style and development solutions. Our experience in e-commerce web site style services will offer your online store with a knowledgeable look, which will facilitate a business house in achieving additional sales and revenues for his or her business. we are going to produce web site appearance excellent all told the devices. we are going to optimize web site helps you in program ranking and increase product sales. From handcart suggestions to numerous third-party integrations, we tend to perceive your business necessities and have solutions for each of them. Our e-commerce solutions incorporate creating an excellent web site with options like handcart, payment entree, etc.

E-Commerce Design & Development


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1. Exploration & Knowledge Gathering

Every web design & development project should begin with a knowledge gathering phase during which both you & the developer get to know each other, define the scope of the project, & set goals. Usually, this begins with a 10-20 minute call during which the basics are discussed and a longer meeting scheduled for a formal exploration of the project. During the exploration meeting, the two parties can flesh out goals, discuss design direction in-depth, & clarify any vague concepts. After all these, your developer should be able to produce a detailed proposal & project timeline.

2. Kickoff Meeting

After exploration & knowledge gathering the preliminary knowledge phase comes to the planning phase, which ensures that projects begin on the right track. This usually takes place in person & your developer might suggest either their office or yours as a venue. During this meeting, expect to hear your developer reveal their plans for the project, top-level objectives, suggest milestones, assign homework, & also submit their process for review.

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3. Content Creation and Organization

A process that outsiders hardly ever associate with e-commerce website design and development is content creation & organization. But make no mistake, creating, organizing, & collecting your e-commerce website’s assets is a valuable part of the e-commerce website design and development process. By content assets, we mean text, videos, photos, videos, testimonials, graphics, charts, graphs, maps - It can be anything you might want to present to your target audience on your e-commerce website because it increases the quality of the information & the experience your audience should have. Your web developer will most likely have a content specialist on staff to assist with this process, & provide other services like content strategy, copywriting, & asset management.

4. E-Commerce Web App Design

Next comes the design stage, where your web designer combines information gotten from your sitemap, sketches, & a questionnaire to create multiple design concepts & directions for you to review & choose from. At this stage, expect a lot of back & forth as your developer seeks feedback on the direction the project is taking. In this step where the e-commerce website starts to take shape. The e-commerce website designer will now have all the data needed to start working on the actual look of this project.

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5. E-Commerce Web App Development

Once you approve the E-commerce Web App's design, things will start getting really technical. Your developer will start programming the E-commerce Web App and implementing all the functionalities that you agreed on in the design stage (Forms, photo/video gallery, etc.) It is standard procedure to receive a “private link (demo link)” to your developing E-commerce Web App during this stage that will allow you to monitor progress as things come along. You can watch as your E-commerce Web App comes together & things build-up towards the launch.

6. E-commerce Web App Launch

The E-commerce Web App has entered its final stages now your developer will no doubt carry out some final tests to ensure everything about your E-commerce Web App is in working order before you launching the site. Only after everything gets the green signal will they launch the E-commerce Web App and hand over the keys. We take pride in this framework because it allows us to put you the client at the center of things, making it easy to produce satisfactory outcomes. Maybe you have been thinking of doing some work on your E-commerce Web App? This is exactly the process through which we are going to help you. Reach out today and tell us about your E-commerce Web App. The launch phase is also where the client has a very important job – to help the web design company in the quality assurance testing of the E-commerce Web App and to see what kind of user experience it offers.

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We provide total end-to-end e-commerce website design & development solutions for companies and firms seeking to launch and maintain a professional and effective retail presence on the Internet. You can fill out our contact form here to get started.

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