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Bulk SMS Services are the cheapest marketing solutions, which makes it easy to reach billions of instantly every time A great way to promote your business and services.

Our Promotional SMS & Transactional SMS solution is a one stop shop that takes care of all bulk messaging needs of an enterprise. Bright Ads delivers a host of unique features like enhanced data security, customization to handle unique business requirements & round the clock support. Transparency is enhanced with the billing platform, which charges solely on the basis of messages delivered to handset.

We assure best SMS solution in most affordable price.

What We Offer

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1. Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS is used to promote any product, service or offers to your new & existing customers. It goes to non-DND numbers only. If you send any SMS to DND (Do Not Disturb) activated number, the sms balance will return to your account.

2. Transactional SMS

As the name explains, Transactional SMS is used only for transactional nature of alert to existing customers or subscribers. It is widely used to send OTP. Transactional SMS can be send anytime to any number without any restriction. But make sure you don’t use it to marketing or promoting any product or service.

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3. Web Portal

We have developed user friendly & interactive web portal to send Bulk SMS. Every user gets free User ID & password to login and send bulk SMS from our portal. Bright Ads SMS Portal is one point solution to your every sms need. We provide special features to re-sellers, whereby they can create separate users under it and resale SMS to their network.

4. Bulk SMS API

Bright Ads SMS server supports HTTP and XML API protocol. Bulk SMS API empowers you to send bulk sms from any application, software or Android / Apple App without any difficulty. It supports all popular languages like .Net, php, java, python etc.

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