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Advantages of Digital Marketing in 2022

10 Reason to Choose Digital Marketing in 2022

Marketing Strategies

1. Availability of internet

As per the statistics, 4.57 billion people use the internet in July 2020, Comprises 59 per cent of the global population, it is expected to reach 6 billion internet users in the year of 2022, the average time spent by an individual on the internet is 155 min, nearly 3 hours per day in 2020. Therefore the internet has an enormous pool of population where one can promote his/her product and services to the world

2. Mobile access

Whopping 3.5 billion smartphones are used in the year 2020 with an active internet source. And smartphones have become an essential commodity for everyone in the 21st century. Day by day the cost of the internet is decreasing with an increase in the speed of the internet. As the technology started to reach new heights it had made it easy to do business online and gained trust among the mobile internet users, and also made anyone access anything on the world in their fingertips.

3. Target your audience

Digital marketing allows you to target your right audience and helps you to reach the right audience at the right time, as per the requirements one can segment their targeted audience according to age, gender, location, language, interest, behavior, the device they use and many more. Audience segmentation in digital marketing has made it easy to target the right audience within the short span of time as well as with a low budget.

Why Digital Marketing

4. Growing Social media

Worldwide, there are 3.80 billion social media users in January 2020, social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest etc. has a great influence on users also these platforms helps to create and share of contents like text, images, videos, gifs etc. these contents can drive audience engagement. In the present scenario social media marketing has become the power full tool to create brand awareness, generate sales, and to reach more peoples.

By using paid social media advertising one can reach their target audience in a shorter duration of time. Paid social media advertising has proved one of the best and assured ways to meet the campaign goals in digital marketing.

5. Can analyze your competitors

In the world of digital marketing, getting to know what your competitors are doing online is a must. You can easily get to know what your competitors are doing using some great paid and free competitors analyzing tools available on the internet. These tools will let you know in and out of your competitors. You can gather the data like the source of traffic, content which is working and not working, strategies they use, platforms they use etc.

Knowing your competitors will allow you to make some great decisions, minimize the errors, and help you to build better strategies, to set clear campaign goals and a greater return on investment.

6. Measurable performance

Benefits of Digital Markeitng in 2022

When you use traditional marketing tools like television/radio ads, brochure distribution, billboards, you can't exactly tell how many people have seen it and how many people have liked/rejected it. When you are not able to measure the performance of your branding and marketing campaigns, how do you know if it needs improvement or is creating the kind of impact you intend? The only way you can get some idea of how well the campaign has been handled is by determining how much business you have created after launching the campaign. Digital marketing, on the other hand, helps to measure performance at every level. You can know how many people viewed your campaign, how many people were influenced by it, how many people viewed it in part, which section didn't like it, what time your campaign got maximum views, and so on. You will gain a deeper insight into performance metrics that will help you understand how to tweak your branding and marketing campaigns for a wider scope and for better effectiveness.

7. Impressive return on investment

With better revenue and better branding, digital marketing offers better ROI (ROI) than traditional media and marketing channels. With traditional media, the cost is too high for small and medium enterprises to leverage, and the results obtained are somewhat ambiguous and difficult to measure.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, can be easily tracked and monitored, as soon as the target audience is provided with contact information, the results are immediately realized and measured, subscribed to a newsletter or training program, or purchased. However, the key to success in digital marketing is to generate a consistent flow of targeted traffic, which can be converted into sales and leads. The more your business generates this type of traffic, the faster you can realize your ROI.

8. Affordable

Significance of Digital Marketing

Small businesses have very few resources and also have capitalization. That’s why digital marketing provides a better and more cost-effective marketing channel for delivering results.

When you advertise through offline marketing, the cost you spend to reach 1000 audiences is at least twice the cost you spend to reach the same group of audiences through digital marketing. These make digital marketing more suitable for every type of business.

9. Increase in conversion

When it comes to the importance of digital marketing, one of the most important factors is that one can measure their CRO (conversion rate optimization) in real-time. Data can help advance the overall percentage of searches by purchasing products. PPC, Social Media Marketing, SEO Services, Affiliate Marketing Communication and more are some of the active channels to get more conversions.

10. Interactivity

Digital marketing allows you to communicate directly with customers who see your content, mainly through website comments, messages, reviews and social media posts. It shows that you care about what they say and think, which makes them feel respected and part of the community you are building. It also allows you to collect valuable information about customer reactions and preferences.


Digital marketing is proved as the best inbound marketing strategy in 2020. As more and more people are using smartphones and accessing the internet regularly, it is an easy and fast way to promote any product or service online using trending digital marketing techniques in the right way.

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