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The Animation industry is one of the most demanding and evolving industry. An animator should always remain updated regarding the latest trends. What most of the company’s do not realize before investing in animation is customers are not interested in your animation unless there is a story behind it. We create story-oriented smashing videos that will help your business to connect with your target group faster.

Our animations and effects reflect high production quality with the right mix of art, sound, and animation design, to get your message out with wit and elegance. We also emphasize quick project turnaround, as we understand that businesses often work on tight deadlines.

“We believe in using the latest technology and infrastructure to provide our customers with superior quality services”

Our Animation & Effect Services Include
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1. 2D Animation

Incorporating 2D animation get fetch you a significant increase in your business. It easily grabs and holds the attention of your target consumers effectively. It helps in communicating easily to a wider range of audiences. At Bright Ads, we create videos that will establish a stronger connection between the company and target consumers.

2. 3D Animation

It is one of the leading marketing and advertising tool today. An attractive presentation or advertisement attracts more online traffic rather than newspaper or television as most people spend their time on the internet. Our animators create designs as per your suggestion and that can be reused for future use.

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3. Visual Effects

Visual effects can transform unattractive matter into an appealing message. VFX gives your subject a polished look and mistake-free. It plays a crucial role in solidifying your brand message among a wider audience. Our VFX will increase recall of information for your brand, products, service, etc.

4. Character Animation

Cartoon based videos quickly grab the attention of viewers. Such videos are being adopted by businesses at a faster pace. Character animation helps in creating an identity of a business in the viewer's mind. People start identifying the business as per character after some popularity. We create an animated character that is purely based on the target audience.

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3D animation services
Visual Animation & Effects

Engaging Audiences - Thoughts Creativity, Technology & Passions

As a full-service animation studio, we produce content that will take you and your brand to amazing places, captivating your audience and presenting your story in ways that you could never have imagined

With AR Media you are not only getting a wide range of skills, technology, and kit; you are also getting years of experience. Our talented in-house animators, motion designers, and illustrators combine their passion, expertise, and industry toolsets to deliver compelling content that audiences want to connect with.

By starting with the audience and working our way backward we can develop your story and the overall structure to make sure that engagement is ongoing. All of this takes a combination of skills, artistry, and a deep understanding of the medium – qualities you’ll find in every one of our team.